Want To Heal Political And Social Divisions? Here Are Some Ideas

Photo: Breaking Bread Panel
Breaking Bread panelists. Top row from left: Sandy Russell, Brian Pacini, Karina Gaylord. Bottom row, Adam Brock, Annette Gonzalez, Mehdi Khan.

Research shows the American public has grown more polarized along partisan lines in the last two decades.

Recently, Colorado Matters began a series called "Breaking Bread." We gather people of different political stripes around a dinner table to see if they can find common ground.

Here are some other efforts underway in Colorado and across the country that try to build bridges:

  • The 5280 Table: is an Aug. 10 event in Denver's City Park where people will dine along a mile-long table. The goal is to "encourage connectedness at a time when we need more openness, understanding and kindness between neighbors."
  • Bridge USA/Bridge CU works with University of Colorado students to bridge the gap between political parties.
  • Living Room Conversations encourages people to host small gatherings of people wth different views.
  • Make American Dinner Again organizes dinners for people with different political viewpoints.
  • Mediators Foundation has a goal to promote bridge-building initiatives that advance peace, justice and sustainability.
  • The Centrist Project encourages centrist policies and encourages more independent candidates to run.
  • AllSides.com provides multiple sides on news stories to give people a "fuller picture."
  • National Institute of Civil Discourse supports elected officials who work collaboratively.