Want Your City To Provide Internet Service? Should Sugary Soda Be Taxed? A Look At Local Ballot Issues

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The presidential race may have stolen most of the attention this fall but voters in more than 70 Colorado communities will consider issues ranging from marijuana to sugary soda and broadband service to building firehouses and rec centers.

When it comes to marijuana, Denver and Pueblo are considering opposite approaches. While a Denver ballot issue would allow pot use in designated public areas, both the city and county of Pueblo have measures to ban sales and production of the substance. Photo: I voted buttons

Voters across the state are considering measures to expand broadband service by allowing their cities or counties to provide the service or to partner with private companies to offer it.

In Boulder, there's a proposal to levy a tax of 2 cents per ounce -- 24 cents on a 12-ounce can -- on sugary drinks. The tax would be paid by drink distributors.

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner speaks with Sam Mamet, executive director of the Colorado Municipal League.