Water Policies Are ‘Killing The Colorado’ ProPublica Finds

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Photo: Killing the Colorado
"Killing the Colorado" is ProPublica's series about how federal and state water policies are contributing to water shortages in the West.

This story first aired on 6/23/15. A documentary inspired by the ProPublica story premiers at 7pm MT August 4th, 2016 on the Discovery Channel.

Despite Colorado's wettest May in recorded history, the state's rivers are at risk. Water policy -- not just climate change -- is to blame. That's according to a new investigative series by ProPublica called "Killing the Colorado."

Link: Killing the Colorado

Abrahm Lustgarten is an environmental reporter for ProPublica who investigated how water laws developed in the decades before the west's current drought, and how they still contribute to the stresses on the Colorado River that 40 million Americans rely upon. He spoke to Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.