What baby boomers will need to stay in their homes as they age

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Photo: A little help volunteers 2
Vivian Brock, 85, receiving assistance from Christy Chase and and Stella Nolte.

Ninety percent of seniors in the U.S. want to stay in their homes as long as possible, according to the AARP. But "aging in place," as experts call it, takes more than just willpower. Whole neighborhoods, it turns out, have to think about pitching in to help seniors. Transportation is a major concern, as are finances.

Len Hierath, 81, knows this. He and his wife have stayed in their home in Denver partly because of a Colorado nonprofit called "A Little Help," which provided support after Hierath had eye surgery. Hierath is not only a recipient of services, he volunteers to help other seniors.

Hierath and Paul Ramsey, executive director of A Little Help, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. Ramsey also chairs Denver's commission on aging.