What Happens When People With Brain Injuries And Colorado College Students Dance Together

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<p>(Courtesy&nbsp;Niyanta Khatri/Colorado College)</p>
<p>BrainCare client Paul Ashby dances with Colorado College student Eden Lumerman.</p>

When Shawn Womack’s younger sister was diagnosed with a degenerative brain injury, she became her sister’s caregiver. Womack, who is an associate professor of dance and chair of the Colorado College Department of Theatre and Dance in Colorado Springs, says caring for her sister has changed how she thinks about mobility.

That inspired workshops Womack now holds with her dance students and people recovering from traumatic brain injuries. The workshops are at BrainCare, a Rocky Mountain Health Care facility that provides daily support for people recovering from traumatic brain injuries.

One of the workshop participants is Paul Ashby of Colorado Springs. He sustained a severe brain injury about five years ago. Ashby performs with seven Colorado College dance students this week in a piece choreographed by Womack called "Never Not Falling." It's part of a Colorado College dance concert at the Kathryn Morhman Theatre in Colorado Springs Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Womack and Ashby spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.