Why U.S. And Colorado Solar Equipment Companies Oppose Raising Tariffs

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Updated 5:20 p.m. -- President Donald Trump has approved tariffs on imported solar-energy components and large washing machines in a bid to help U.S. manufacturers. Original story continues below.


Solar companies across the state are closely watching a trade case in Washington D.C. this week. The outcome could mean tariffs -- taxes -- on solar panels from other countries. The majority of Colorado’s solar companies are against this, saying it would harm their business by driving up costs. President Donald Trump is expected to weigh in any day now.

The state has nearly 200,000 homes powered by solar, and about 6,000 people working in the industry. Most Colorado and U.S. solar companies focus on making everything except the panels in question. They make the wires, energy converters and racks. A huge part of the industry is focused on installation.