With Title IX’s Growing Importance, Universities Are Turning To This Denver Lawyer

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Photo: Domestic Violence College Sports
Reports of assaults on college campuses has increased in recent years, says Title IX expert Scott Lewis.

The number of reports of sexual assaults on college campuses have increased dramatically over the last five years. Recently there have been high-profile cases involving both the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University-Pueblo.

For colleges and universities, those incidents often fall under the jurisdiction of Title IX, a federal law most often associated with gender equity in athletics.

Part of Denver Attorney Scott Lewis' job, as co-founder of The Association for Title IX Administrators, is training schools to help them with compliance under Title IX. While there have long been Title IX cases, Lewis says, the number of them being reported has increased because of greater awareness of the law. An increased emphasis by schools has also led more alleged victims to come forward.

Lewis spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.