Your House In Colorado Is Worth A Lot More. Is That A Good Thing?

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Jim Hill/CPR News
A home for sale in Denver’s West Washington Park Neighborhood, spring 2015.

Many Colorado homeowners were surprised to learn recently that their home values have gone up as much as 25 percent -- in some cases even more -- in the past two years. By state law, counties do property values assessments every two years, and notices went out this month. In Metro counties, as well as Weld County, residential property values rose sharply.

While rising home prices on the northern Front Range are no surprise, values in Denver rose most sharply in lower-income neighborhoods, many in the southwest part of the city.

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner speaks about these developments -- including what will happen with property tax rates, given the increasing assessments -- with Corbin Sakdol, executive director of the Colorado Assessors' Association. Sakdol was formerly the assessor in Arapahoe County, outside of Denver.