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  • Some of Colorado's most vulnerable people rely on the Colorado Department of Human Services, including kids who are abused and people with severe disabilities. The department's head, Reggie Bicha, answers questions on issues that have plagued his administration, and on strides it's made. Then, from a sugary soda tax to municipal broadband, we look at some of the local measures on ballots across the state. And ballot selfies may strike you as silly, but they're illegal for a reason. Plus, a Colorado man who helped build a road to the South Pole.
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  • Every night, Diane Kois has a decision to make -- where to park the car she lives in. She's chosen this life, but the high cost of Denver metro housing is a factor. Then, a whistleblower says veterans are still waiting too long for healthcare in Colorado. Plus, a new film pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh. It's animated entirely by more than 64,000 oil paintings. We'll meet the Colorado painter who took part. And, how a Reddit conversation impacted a little tree named Plato.
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  • The United States Supreme Court is considering a Colorado case about a juror who made racist comments during deliberations. The verdict could change a longstanding legal bedrock. Then, a big development in how scientists predict weather in space. And a conversation about asteroids, comets and space probes with our regular contributor astronomer and director of Boulder's Fiske Planetarium, Doug Duncan. Plus, a Colorado man has documented the state's changing geography using sketches from the 1870s.
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  • When a sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of an African-American man with a gun, things weren’t as they first appeared. The deputy, and the female CPR news host he stopped, both realize the encounter could have turned out much differently. Then, a decentralized Colorado voting system means it would be difficult to rig elections. Plus, a group of Boulder high school students formed a Nazi Facebook group called “The 4th Reich,” an incident that highlights growing concern over hate crimes. Also, a Colorado Springs woman wants to make history in November as the nation’s first transgender member of Congress.
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  • Both of the major presidential candidates have visited Pueblo in recent weeks to pick up swing voters and rally supporters. The presidential candidates believe Colorado’s nine electoral college votes could hinge on this working class city. Colorado Matters Host Ryan Warner spoke with about a dozen Pueblo voters of different ages, political affiliations and backgrounds about what they want from their next president, and what that person should know about them.
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  • U.S Senator Michael Bennet wants another six years in office, and this election Coloradans will decide whether he gets them. Bennet tells us why he wants another term, when congressional approval ratings are at just 17 percent and partisan gridlock means -- as he once put it-- the standard of success is simply keeping the lights on.
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  • While slavery is banned in Colorado, the state's constitution allows for it in one circumstance: as a form of punishment for a crime. That doesn't sit well with Denver's faith and community leaders who back a ballot measure called Amendment T, which would remove that provision. Then, Colorado voters aren't seeing nearly the same number of campaign advertisements this election year as they did in 2012. And a new documentary looks at the life of Nikolas Tesla, whose name might be more associated with the car than the man who invented the precursor to the modern electrical motor more than 100 years ago.
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  • Colorado voters will decide whether to make it more difficult to amend the state constitution. Supporters say it would ensure voters across the state are represented. Opponents say it would increase the influence of special interests. A Denver ballot measure would allow pot smoking in public. Colorado Matters' resident poet weighs in on presidential debates. Did you know horned beavers used to live in Colorado? A Denver museum exhibits "extreme" mammals.
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