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Feb. 27, 2024: Homelessness in Grand Junction; Elevating Black history in Colorado

Another park closes in Grand Junction, frequented by people experiencing homelessness. But the closure may be more about perception, as the city votes down a ban on daytime camping in parks. Then, Colorado’s Black history is diverse and rich but not widely known. An exhibit at the Museum of Boulder is working to change that by illuminating the stories of Black people across the state.
Wolverine Protections

Feb. 23, 2024: Reintroducing the wolverine to Colorado; Why is Congress so ineffective right now?

First lynx, then wolves, now wolverines. Colorado revisits plans to bring the rare and elusive member of the weasel family to the state’s alpine tundra. Then, why is the 118th Congress so ineffective? CPR’s Caitlyn Kim talks with some of Colorado’s delegation about the frustration. Also, the pandemic story behind United’s new flight training building in Denver. And, remembering singer/songwriter Randy Sparks.

Feb. 16, 2024: An immigration discussion you won’t hear in Congress… yet

There’s a totally different way the U.S. could handle immigration. It’s not something you’ll hear talked about in Congress these days. But in a new book, “Welcome the Wretched,” a Colorado legal scholar argues it would fix the current situation, which overwhelms cities and nonprofits. And, says author César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, it would help the U.S. economy and set the country up for success in other ways, too.


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