Election 2011

On election day, Colorado voters are considering one statewide ballot proposal and a variety of local issues. Click on these stories to hear CPR's reports so far, and tune in today and tomorrow for full election coverage.

Proposition 103 on the Ballot

It’s the only statewide measure on today's ballot.Proposition 103’s been a low-key campaign relying exclusively ongrassroots activism on both sides. The measure aims to raise $3 billiondollars for public schools and colleges. Critics say now’s the wrongtime for a tax increase, but proponents say the state’s students can’twait. CPR Education Reporter Jenny Brundin has the story.

Debate: Voters Decide on Tax Increase

There’s just one statewide measure on the November ballot. It’sProposition 103. And it aims to raise $3 billion for public schools. Itdoes that by raising the state income and state sales taxes to what theywere in 1999. State Sen. Rollie Heath, a Democrat, is the driving forcebehind Prop 103. Penn Pfiffner is a critic. He’s a former Republicanstate lawmaker and is now a senior fellow at the Independence Institute.Pfiffner also chairs the opposition group, Too Taxing For Colorado. Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner speaks with both of them about Proposition 103.

Schools Try to Raise Cash

In school districts across the state, voters are being asked to spendmore on their local schools - to build new schools or renovate old ones,or to raise money for teachers and programs that have been cut becausestate funding has dropped off in recent years. All of those ballotquestions add up to more than $500 million in funding. Host Pat Mack speaks with CPR Education Reporter Jenny Brundin.

Denver's Battle Over Paid Sick Days

One of the fiercest campaign battles in this fall's elections inColorado is about paid sick leave in Denver. Initiative 300 wouldrequire all businesses in the city to give their workers paid sick days. CPR Health Reporter Eric Whitney has a look at thearguments on both sides.

Boulder Considers Firing Xcel

Xcel Energy could lose more than 100,000 customers in Boulder nextmonth. Voters there will decide whether to create a city-owned electricutility and throw Xcel out. Boulder Daily Camera reporter Laura Snideris covering the story. She joins host Ryan Warner to discuss theNovember ballot measure.

Fort Collins Voters Could Ban MMJ Dispensaries

Twenty businesses in Fort Collins could soon be forced to shut down. They’re not just any businesses, they’re medical marijuanadispensaries. Voters there, as in six other counties or towns in thestate, must choose whether or not to ban the retail sale of medicalmarijuana. CPR’s Ben Markus has more.