President Speaks at Buckley Air Force Base

President Barack Obama addressed an audience of 400 soldiers and other invited guests at Buckley Air Force Base this afternoon with a speech on energy policy, following up on his State of the Union address. Colorado Public Radio’s Ben Markus was there. He says the White House chose Buckley as a backdrop, in part because the base is a leader in the use of photo-voltaic solar technologies.

Reporter Ben Maruks: They’re developing a 1-megawatt photo-voltaic solar plant on base. There’s also some talk that they’ve tested biofuels here as well. So for his renewable energy platform and this big buy of renewable energy from the military, this is really the perfect place for the President to deliver that message.

Protesters gathered outside Buckley’s gates this morning, but Mr. Obama was unlikely to see them. Markus says the president was not leaving the base during his short time in Colorado.

[Photo: CPR/Ben Markus]