Radiohead Records at Third Man Records

· Jul. 6, 2012, 1:03 pm

by Kegan Warner

Jack White confirms Radiohead has recorded at Third Man Records. During their show at Bonaroo last month, Radiohead's frontman Thom York eluded to a collaboration between the two by dedicating a song to White during their set. This set into motion a pavlovian response from fans.

A possible Jack White-produced album from Radiohead could be one of the year's biggest surprises. If you're a fan, one would hope for it to evolve into a full musical collaboration between the two. Perhaps a darker-sounding album, which would feature some reworking of Jack's solo work infused with Thom York style inspiration, or maybe even the other way around. The speculations are endless. And while it's so very palpable, alas, it seems to be a tease.

Jack openly addressed the rumor by confirming that Radiohead had spent some time recording at Third Man Records, but that he was not involved.
"I don't know how much to tell about it except that I didn't play with them or produce it," he said. "But they came and recorded at Third Man. I don't know what else they want to be said about that, so that's all I probably can say!"
Keep your ears open, maybe we will at least get a new Radiohead single out of it. 

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