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Kyle’s been obsessing over Denver since he moved here from Chicago in 2005: What is this place? Who thrives here? Who’s pushed out? Who has room to create and fulfill their dreams? Whose dreams are squashed? And why? He’s the former culture editor at Westword, where he covered the city’s arts and music scene. Before that, he covered city and state politics as the managing editor at the Colorado Independent. He’s raced triathlons (slowly), grown food (well... with others), and toured the country in a folk-punk trio (apologetically). Now, he's reporting about Denver's growth and couldn't be happier about it.

Chris Hansen speaks during a mayoral debate at Regis University. Feb. 9, 2023.

It’s ‘name that candidate’ in Denver’s crowded mayoral contest

There’s no clear favorite so far in Denver’s mayoral race, where 17 candidates are focused on housing, homelessness and crime before the April 4 election. If no one wins more than 50 percent of the vote, the two top finishers will move on to a June runoff to replace three-term Mayor Michael Hancock. Denver is one of several major Colorado cities holding elections this spring.

Developers for Downtown Denver expect huge growth

The pandemic wasn’t kind to downtowns — as people went to working from home, the need for office space dried up. Yet in spite of the sluggish commercial real estate market, developers are planning a revamp of lots near Ball Arena in downtown Denver, along with residential development along the South Platte River banks and transforming the Auraria Campus. Denverite’s Kyle Harris talks about these plans with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

Denver’s ‘unauthorized camping ban’ turns 10, but has it made a difference?

Ten years ago, May 17, 2012, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed a bill to ban unauthorized camping in the city. It’s a policy critics said criminalized homelessness. The ban is still in effect, even as the number of people experiencing homelessness has multiplied. Denverite’s Kyle Harris has been looking into the ban’s widely-debated history and where things stand today.
Sylvia and Bodhi Johnston play in a ball pit in Bodhi's room. March 26, 2022.

The challenge of finding affordable, reliable child care

Waitlists that are years’ long, costs that can rival a second mortgage. Child care centers are struggling to meet the need. And, parents are left in the lurch. A recent report found about 60-percent of child care centers in Colorado are having trouble retaining staff. Some have shut down classes or closed altogether. Denverite’s Kyle Harris has been working on a special series. It looks at the situation through the lens of what’s happening in Metro Denver.