Live and Local Volume 2

Colorado Live & Local 2 is a compilation of 19 incredible local musicians OpenAir has hosted in the Colorado Public Radio performance studio throughout the year. With exclusive performances by some of the best Colorado musicians, Live & Local 2 is the perfect way for us to give back to our listeners who have pledged their support.

Preview and Full track listing below:

Tennis - My Better Self
Kyle James Hauser - Live Love Pain
Chimney Choir - Ace of Spades
Stag - Little Time Remains
Land Lines - Bomb Blast
Yawpers - Worthless
Glowing House - Any Part Of Her
Achille Lauro - Hard Pressed
Princess Music - Hatchet Song
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - No Doubt
Fierce Bad Rabbit - Live and Learn
The Swayback - Double Four Time
Joe Sampson - Paper Dolls
Bad Weather California - Stand In My Sunshine
Eye And The Arrow - Prophets Home
Dressy Bessy - Baby Six String
Haunted Windchime - Out With The Crow
Fairchildren - Garden Gate
The Congress - Impatiently