Tim Yunker OpenAir Studio Session

January 24, 2013
Tim Yunker OpenAir Studio Session

The band performs four such pieces from inside the CPR Performance Studio, including “There She Goes”, “Reflections” and “Too Little Too Late”. Another song, “Runaway”, particularly illustrates the amorphous nature of their music when it expectantly turns into a vocal freestyle.   

Tim Yunker and the Sound Junkies, also consisting of Alex Buxton and Chris Winslow, discuss the creative process and environment behind their songs with host Brandee Castle. Herein the band describes the Denver music scene as diverse and open, while paying special attention to the burgeoning local hip-hop genre. It remains relatively “underpublicized”, Yunker claims, but has improved “from nonexistent to a pretty thriving scene,” an apt analogy for the band itself. 

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