‘Colorado Spotlight’ Anniversary Guests

· Apr. 3, 2013, 2:14 pm


These 10 long years CPR Classical Host Charley Samson has brought you the "Colorado Spotlight" show.  "Colorado Spotlight" features the music and voices of the local classical music community as well as nationally and internationally known classical music luminaries. 

All of them have a lot of nice things to say about Charley, "Colorado Spotlight" and Colorado Public Radio.  Click the links below to hear just a few:

Brook Shonewald – Principal flutist of the Colorado Symphony

John Kinzie – Principal percussionist of the Colorado Symphony

Patsy Arronstein – President of Friends of Chamber Music

Frank Nowell – Artistic Director of Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

Tom Morgan – Artistic Director and Conductor of the Ars Nova Singers

Find out more about the "Colorado Spotlight" anniversary and view the complete schedule.


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