Clerks in El Paso, Pueblo Counties Say Voter Turnout Appears Up

Colorado voters have until 7 tonight to turn in their ballots in today’s election. For nearly a month, El Paso and Pueblo County Clerks have been collecting mail-in ballots.

Despite a slow start, Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder Gilbert Ortiz is optimistic about the turnout.

"I was really nervous going into today," said Ortiz, "because the voter turnout really wasn’t doing very well and it was pretty slow here in Pueblo County. We’re really excited, the last two days have been very heavy, and the voter turn out has gotten up above average."

Pueblo County sent out 95,000 ballots, and as of 3:00 this afternoon Ortiz says 39% had been returned.

In El Paso County, Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams says voter turnout is going well.

"We have a just over 124,000 people that have turned in ballots so far," Williams said.  That compares to two years ago we had about 117,000, so turn out is up, I believe as a result, partially because of population growth but primarily because of the tax issues that are on the ballot."

In addition to state-wide issues, El Paso and Pueblo County voters will decide on several school district elections, fire district issues, and Pueblo city council positions.