Featured stories from StoryCorps’ visit to Colorado Springs

StoryCorps, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to recording, preserving and sharing the stories of people from all backgrounds and beliefs, came to Colorado Springs in June 2023 to record interviews, in-person and virtually, as part of its Mobile Tour.

During the residency, the StoryCorps team parked its mobile recording studio at Plaza of the Rockies next to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum in downtown Colorado Springs. All were welcome to make a reservation to record an interview.

The interviews below represent a small handful of the dozens of stories recorded in June. The ones listed here were edited for length and broadcast on KRCC.

Dominique Robbins and Rockie Sanders


Dominique Robbins (32) and his husband Rockie Sanders (61) discuss their love story, coming out as gay, and living in eastern Colorado. (Aired June 17, 2023.)

Shirley Martinez and Anabela Crooks


Friends Shirley Martinez (63) and Anabela Crooks (70) discuss the power of friendship between people of different backgrounds and perspectives. (Aired June 24, 2023.)

Wylene Carol and Floyd Tunson


Wylene Carol (81) and Floyd Tunson (76) reflect on Floyd's journey as a Colorado-based artist and their work together over the past 45 years. (Aired July 1, 2023.)

Joanna Fix and Forrest Fix


Joanna Fix (54) and her husband Forrest Fix (66) reflect on Joanna's experience living with early-onset Alzheimer's, their love and support for one another, and their dedication to "living well." (Aired July 8, 2023.)

John Suthers


Former Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers (71) shares his experience in public service, reflections on leadership, and stories from his childhood growing up in Colorado Springs and his experience of being adopted. (Airing July 27, 2023.)

Nolan, Jason and Marissa Bovee


Nolan Bovee (12) interviews his parents Jason Bovee (46) and Marissa Bovee (41) about their childhoods, their role as parents, and their memories together as a family.

Victoria Rubio and Elise-Hanielette Wee


KRCC intern Elise-Hanielette Wee (19) and her friend Victoria Rubio (18) talk about what friendship means to them and what they wish older people understood about their generation.

Monserrat Macias Moreno and Jackie Jaramillo


Monserrat Macias Moreno and her friend and mentor Jackie Jaramillo talk about their shared identity and hopes as Latinas despite being from different generations.

Natalie Johnson and Mark Wong


Natalie Johnson and her friend, potter Mark Wong, share art studio stories and talk about how Mark became a potter.

Helene and Dave Van Manen


Helene and Dave Van Manen share stories of a life together that took them from Brooklyn, New York, to Beulah, Colorado.

Yolanda Avila and Jackie Lujan


City Councilperson Yolanda Avila and her friend and mentee Jackie Lujan talk about community in southeast Colorado Springs.

The StoryCorps residency in Colorado Springs was supported by Norwood Development Group.