For 9-year-old Coloradan, skiing teaches life lessons

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(Photo: Courtesy of Marie Rotter)
<p>Aidan Rotter, 9, skiing with an Ignite instructor. </p>
photo: Aidan Rotter skiing
Aidan Rotter, 9, skiing with an Ignite instructor.

These athletes have a range of physical and mental disabilities, and they're part of a group called Ignite Adaptive Sports, one of several adaptive programs in Colorado.

The other day, Ignite reached an agreement with Eldora Mountain, in Nederland.

The resort had earlier said it would stop hosting Ignite; it's been reported they wanted to start their own program.

Now, with the contract renewed, the Rotter family will be one of many out on the snow.

Nine-year-old Aidan Rotter was diagnosed with autism when he was three, and struggled to find activities that worked for him.

His mom, Marie, said all that changed when he started skiing with Ignite.

Marie used to be a volunteer instructor in the program, and speaks with Ryan Warner.