Special Coverage: CPR’s countdown to the Super Bowl

Photo: Broncomaniacs 32
It may be January, but the grass is still green at the Green Valley Turf Company in Littleton, where staffers Missy, Laura, Bruce, and Ted, used the tools on hand to celebrate the team Friday.

Colorado's 14ers have been temporarily renamed for the team. The state's Supreme Court is sporting the blue and orange. And even our airport is making sure that ever visitor who arrives in our state knows this is Broncos country.

While you wait for the pigskin pile-on, we've got the stories to get you in the mood for gridiron mayhem. From superfan dedication to recipe suggestions, musical smack-talk and hometown pride, CPR has the Super Bowl coverage you won't find anywhere else and it's all right here.

And we want to make you a part of this coverage: have you made a friendly wager over the outcome of Sunday's contest? Is there a six-pack or a humiliating photo opportunity on the line? Share your wager stakes with us at [email protected]. We'll put some of your responses up on our website this weekend.

Super Bowl coverage from Colorado Public Radio: