Michael Hannigan Announces Retirement From PPCF

Michael Hannigan, Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation Announced his retirement in this press release on March 3:

Michael Hannigan, Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF), has announced his retirement from the organization effective December 31, 2014.

Mr. Hannigan has served as the organization’s Executive Director for the past 15 years. Through his leadership, the Foundation has grown to a $58 million charitable foundation serving the Pikes Peak region; in addition, during that time, PPCF has invested nearly $80 million into the community.

"PPCF is a great organization in great shape,” says Mr. Hannigan. “It seems to me to be a good time to create a thoughtful transition of leadership for the future. And while I plan to stay closely connected to PPCF, I'm also looking forward to spending time with family, doing some consulting, and creating "usable art" projects with my wife. My inner entrepreneur is also ready to launch a couple of social enterprise businesses that I've been thinking about for a few years."

From humble beginnings with a dedicated Board of Trustees, Mr. Hannigan worked to develop PPCF into a dynamic force for our community through innovative programs, projects, and core services designed to advance community philanthropy throughout the Pikes Peak Region. Thanks to his creative and entrepreneurial approach, the Foundation is now recognized nationwide as an innovative leader in philanthropy.

Mr. Hannigan will continue to serve as a resource for PPCF during all of 2015 to provide a smooth transition for the organization. Board Chair Paula Pollet says “the Board of Trustees for PPCF will soon launch a thoughtful and strategic process to identify his successor.”