Get vocal tips from ‘The Voice’ contestant Biff Gore

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Photo: Biff Core in stduioBiff Gore thanks the Mile High City for his mighty pair of lungs, explaining that Denver’s thin air helped boost his vocal endurance while competing on the sixth season of NBC’s reality TV show “The Voice.”

Gore credits his two coaches on the show, R&B singer Usher and country music artist Blake Shelton, for teaching him a thing or two about fine-tuning that powerful voice of his.

He shared these vocal tips with CPR arts editor and arts show host Chloe Veltman after she asked him how his experiences on “The Voice” impacted his life and singing.

“If there is a nuance in your voice that you want to learn how to bring out, the coaches actually help you develop that,” Gore says. "I’ve learned these incredible breathing exercises that have helped me increase the power and increase the softness of my voice. One of the ones I thought was the most ridiculous was this one about breathing control, and I would laugh for about ten minutes when we first started doing it because it seemed ridiculous. But after about a few days, you really do notice a difference.”

Listen to Gore demonstrate that particular vocal exercise and talk about how, with regularity, it improves his voice.

For the full interview, tune into the weekly arts show Friday, April 11 at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Also, listen online to hear Gore in the CPR Performance Studio singing an original song “Sing us a Song” and “A Change is Gonna Come,” a Sam Cooke tune he covered on “The Voice.”