Stream the new single “Good Pit” from The Baltic

· Apr. 14, 2014, 5:40 pm

OpenAir is excited to debut a new single from Denver teenage band The Baltic. They were taken under the wing of Dragondeer frontman Eric Halborg, who engineered, mixed, and produced "Good Pit" in his home studio. The song will be released by Eric's label LGL Records later this Fall, along with a few other singles he has recorded for the band.
"Good Pit" refers to the good nervous feeling (as opposed to classic "bad feeling in the pit of one's stomach") you get at the start of a new relationship: a well timed theme as spring fever hits Denver. This lush pop song comes alive with layered jungle sounds on top of a soft guitar intro adding to the composition. 
The Baltic lineup includes:
Adam Dankowski- Guitar/Vocals
Graham Epstein- Drums/Vocals
Jose Chalit- Guitar
Josh Kaplan- Bass
Bradford Stahl- Keyboard/Guitar

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