A Sense of Place, Episode 3: Remembering the Pinyon Canyon Opposition Coalition

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8min 02sec
Credit Lee Farese

In this episode of “A Sense of Place,” producer Sarah Stockdale speaks with Doug Holdread, Steve Wooten and Grady Grissom, members of the Pinyon Canyon Opposition Coalition. In 2007, when Fort Carson proposed to expand a maneuvering site onto ranch-lands, land-owners came together with environmentalists and activists  to protect their lands. This episode explores how the coalition’s success, and why they continue to fight for their lifestyle and their land.

A Sense of Place is a five-episode radio series exploring environmental issues and indentity in Southern Colorado. It is a collaboration between KRCC-FM and State of the Rockies, an environmental research engine at Colorado College. A Sense of Place was made possible by the Keller Venture Grant and the Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies at Colorado College