Peaceful at the End: Lessons on living with dying

(Photo: Courtesy of Anita Larson)
<p>A “death cookie” served as part of the refreshments during a Denver Death Cafe.</p>

Photo: Boulder Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and author Sara DavidsonWe all have one thing in common: we will die. But before that time comes, will you have given it some thought?

Colorado Matters' series "Peaceful at the End" is about death, but it’s not a downer. The conversations are uplifting, and even funny.

In this series, we meet a Boulder rabbi who’s actually practicing for death. We get introduced to “death cafes,” which are catching on in Colorado. And we talk with a musician who plays the harp at people’s deathbeds. Also in the series, the latest trends in grave markers. Turns out, there's even an uplifting way to look at headstones.