Wolf-dog sanctuary in northern Colorado eyes safer home

Photo: Wolf dogA sanctuary in northern Colorado for wolf-dog hybrids is raising money to move to a new home, one that should reduce the risk of floods and fires.

WOLF, Wolves Offered Life and Friendship, provides a harbor for about 30 wolf-dog hybrids rescued from abuse and neglect.

Its current location is in a narrow ravine northwest of Fort Collins. The area flooded seven times in the past two years. The High Park Fire in 2012 also did some damage.

So now, officials plan to lease higher ground farther up Rist Canyon. Shelley Coldiron is the sanctuary’s executive director.

"It’s just going to be phenomenal," WOLF Executive Director Shelley Coldiron says. "And we’ve got big dreams for this spot for an education center, a visitors’ center and just trying to help our cause."

The no-kill sanctuary must raise about $450,000 for 15 enclosures for the wolf dogs.