OpenAir is one of Paste’s “10 Public Radio Stations You Wish Were in Your Town”

photo: Paste Magazine logoPaste Magazine recently gave a shout out to OpenAir in its "10 Public Radio Stations You Wish Were in Your Town" feature. OpenAir showed up on the list alongside names like KEXP and KCRW as listener-supported music services with "consistently great programming, great hosts, and even some local flavor."

Here's what they had to say specifically about OpenAir:

A subsidiary of Colorado public radio, 1340 OpenAir has space for live sessions, which it divides between bands coming through and local acts from around the state. A free weekly download makes the station worth checking out online, and its AM frequency means you won’t lose it crossing the mountains.

If you agree that OpenAir is one of the top public radio music services in the nation, and you're grateful that it IS in "your town," consider making a pledge to CPR now.