Crested Butte OKs Bud Light ‘Whatever’ promotion

Photo: Crested Butte, ColoradoLeaders in the historic Colorado mining town of Crested Butte have unanimously approved a plan to turn it into the fictional "Whatever" town for a Bud Light ad campaign.

The beer maker will throw a huge party in the town, closing off city streets. A thousand contestants will be flown in from across the United States for the commercial. Downtown Crested Butte will be closed off to minors and lamp posts will be painted Bud Light blue.

Town councilors only gave their OK only after Bud Light maker Anheuser-Busch InBev doubled its payment to $500,000.

Mayor Aaron Huckstep told CPR's "Colorado Matters" that organizers will keep the event under control.

“It’s not common to see drunk people in commercials for beer companies,” Huckstep said. “There is no intent to bring a bunch of people to town and have a big kegger.”

The Denver Post reports fencing has already been installed for the Sept. 5-7 event that has divided the town.

The beer company has been working with town officials on the plan since the spring, but word only leaked out recently. In the meantime, the mysterious Bud Light event has been promoted online.

Bud Light marketing director David Daniels says the company picked the town for its beautiful location and its reputation for having fun.