September Hailstorm Considered Among Most Expensive

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A hailstorm last month has become one of the most expensive in the state. KRCC’s Rachel Gonchar has more.

Damages to houses, roofs and vehicles from the September 29th hailstorm have caused over $200 million in estimated insured losses.

While these numbers are largely for the Denver South Metro area, damages also occurred in other parts of the state.

Carole Walker is the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. She says the recent storm can serve as a wake up call.

"A lot of people were caught off guard that this happened later in the season," says Walker.  "But we are known to have hailstorms into October, and then we are entering into winter weather season. So the message here is be financially prepared, know what your insurance covers, know what it doesn’t cover, and know what your limits are." 

Colorado’s most expensive hailstorm hit Denver in 2009, costing over $750 million in damages. A storm across the Front Range in 2012 is ranked fourth most expensive, while a 2009 hailstorm in Pueblo is also ranked.