Classical duo Mystery Sonata focuses on tango, Balkan folk dances

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Photo: Mystery Sonata in CPR Performance Studio
Pianist Mina Gajic and violinist Zachary Carrettin are Mystery Sonata, a classical duo.

Mystery Sonata, a married piano and violin duo based in Boulder, presents a concert this Friday featuring classical music flavored with traditional dance melodies.

Violinist Zachary Carrettin, who leads the Boulder Bach Festival, and pianist Mina Gajic will focus on tango nuevo compositions by Raymond Granlund as well as compositions by Marko Tajcevic incorporating Balkan folk dances.

The concert, which falls on the couple's sixth wedding anniversary, starts at 7 p.m. Friday at the Dairy Center for the Arts, 2950 Walnut St. in Boulder.

While the duo’s name refers to a composition for violin and keyboard by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Gajic said it’s also a way of letting an audience know to expect surprises from the concert.

The duo likes to cross musical boundaries with its performances, said Carrettin, who performs with Baroque trio Aeris but also toured with new age composer Yanni.

“Labels can make it easy to talk about (music), but I think the labels are more often limiting than anything else,” he said.

Click the audio above to hear the duo talk with CPR Classical, and check out footage of Carrettin performing "Jovana Jovanke," a traditional Yugoslavian song, in the CPR Performance Studio: