Watch: The most memorable classical music videos of 2014

· Dec. 29, 2014, 6:48 am
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Flying drones made music. A turntable played tree rings instead of vinyl grooves. An orchestra turned a parking garage into a concert hall.

Some unique musical videos turned up in CPR Classical's Facebook and Twitter feeds in 2014. Here’s a selection of the ones that left our staff with a chuckle or a sense of awe, and got great reactions from our listeners and on social media.

The amazing tree-ring turntable   

This turntable plays tree rings instead of vinyl grooves. The story of how and why it works was also impressive -- as were the unique compositions generated when the turntable played different types of wood.

Robotic symphony  

A charming and awe-inspiring drone ensemble made music in a laboratory:

An infectious J.S. Bach dance   

Violinist Lara St. John and dancer Stephanie Cadman brought Bach to the streets of Toronto:

The trombone sneeze heard 'round the world  

Trombonist sneezes into trombone during a concert. Video footages becomes viral sensation:

An inspiring Mozart rap   

Rapper Mac Lethal responded to a teacher’s request to help make Mozart more appealing to her students.

Sights and sounds of 'Become Ocean'  

Around the time John Luther Adams’ “Become Ocean” won a Pulitzer Prize last spring, the Seattle Symphony released this footage from the premiere at Benaroya Hall.

A parking garage symphony   

The Multi-Story Orchestra turns a UK parking garage into a concert hall:

How learning music helps your brain   

From TED-Ed, a look at how playing an instrument benefits your brain:

Classical flash mobs galore   

In a year stuffed with flash mob videos, here are a few that stood out. First, an operatic flash mob on a commercial Air Dolomiti flight:

And finally, Colorado’s conductorless 13-member string group Sphere Ensemble brings a flash mob version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D to the University of Colorado:

Which video was your favorite? What other videos should we have included? Weigh in below in the comments section.


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