Young woman driver shot and killed by Denver police, officer injured

A young woman was shot and killed by Denver police early Monday morning in the Park Hill neighborhood after the car she was driving struck an officer. Denver police say two officers opened fire after the officer was struck by the car, which was believed to be stolen.

Police said earlier two people were shot, but later said just the woman in the car had been shot. Police have not yet released her name or age.

Police say four other people were in car and none of them were injured. All are being questioned by police.

The Denver Post reported that a person in the area filmed the woman being searched by police after she was shot:

In the video, the female is handcuffed and rolled on her stomach and back on the ground, appearing to be searched.

The female is limp, silent and motionless as officers move her about.

Emergency medical responders arrived soon after and moved her onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. One responder appears to be searching for the girl's pulse.

Police Chief Robert White, speaking to reporters at the scene, said an officer had been called to a residential neighborhood to check on a car that was reported stolen. White says a colleague arrived and as the officers approached a car, the driver drove the car into the officer.

That officer was taken to a hospital with a leg injury.

In a statement, Denver's Executive Director of Public Safety Stephanie O’Malley said that her office has launched an investigation into the incident.

“We share the community’s concern for the individuals and officers involved in the shooting, as well as those who may have witnessed the incident,” O'Malley said.