Moving in stereo: 20 songs that sound great on FM

Photo: The Flaming Lips 'Soft Bulletin' album cover
"The Soft Bulletin" by the Flaming Lips: a stereophonic masterpiece

OpenAir began broadcasting at 102.3 FM in Denver and Boulder this week.

While we will continue to simulcast at our old 1340 AM signal, our 102.3 FM listeners will undoubtedly notice a new quality to our broadcast: namely, high-fidelity stereophonic sound.

To celebrate the joys of frequency modulation, OpenAir staff members Scott Carney and Daniel Mescher have created an eclectic list of songs that sound much better on FM than on AM.

The list includes 20 selections from artists like the Flaming Lips, Funkadelic, Arcade Fire and Panda Bear. Listen to them below via our Spotify playlist:

Of course, there's no doubt that sound is subjective, so we want to know: which songs do you think sound better on FM? Are there songs that sound better on AM? Is stereo truly better than mono?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet @OpenAirScott with your thoughts!