Video: Cyclist wants license revocations for hit-and-run drivers

Jeff Wicks was cycling 26 mph moments before 72-year-old Peggy Brown turned into him with her car, reported the Coloradoan.

Brown drove away from the scene. Police later found pieces of Wicks' flesh in her car.

Nearly one in 10 Northern Colorado drivers who hit a cyclist in 2014 fled the scene. They typically lose their license for a year.

But video from the Coloradoan explains why Wicks wants stiffer penalties:

License revocation is standard if someone flees the scene or doesn't render aid for a crash involving injury. The duration is usually one year.

To Wicks, temporary license revocation for Brown doesn't seem fair.

"The short inconvenience of a limited driver's license or a suspension is nothing compared to the time necessary to repair an injury," Wicks said, advocating for permanent revocation for a driver who leaves the scene of an injury accident.

Courts routinely tack on community service hours to hit-and-run drivers, sometimes instead of jail time.

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