Red light camera ban moves forward in Colorado Legislature

<p>(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)</p>
<p>Colorado lawmakers are again considering banning red light cameras.</p>
Photo: Red light cameras (AP Photo)
Colorado lawmakers are again considering banning red light cameras.

The measure would forbid cities from placing the controversial cameras at intersections. It also would also do away with photo radar systems that detect drivers who are going too fast. Supporters of the ban, like Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, say cities are motivated by the money generated.

"The constituents are really upset by having these red light cameras," Melton said. "They feel the same way that about this being a money generator for the communities."

But opponents point to public safety as reason to keep the cameras. The bill faces staunch opposition from cities and members of law enforcement including Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

"I just don’t think it’s too much to ask the drivers of Colorado to slow down in those areas," Morrisey said. "You may save somebody’s life."

The bill now goes to another House committee and if approved goes to the full House for a vote.