Boulder skier Austin Porzak carves tracks on the First Flatiron

.@ski14ers leads the charge. 1st ever ski descent of the #first #flatiron #boco #skimo #colorado @soulidteam

Have you ever looked at the snow-covered Flatirons in winter and thought to yourself, what would it be like to claim first tracks there?

The difference between you and Boulder skier Austin Porzak is that he actually pulled it off -- and he may be the first person ever to have completed the feat on the First Flatiron.

The Daily Camera reports that Porzak, who also claims a first descent on the Third Flatiron, had been planning the new route for years.

"I made it down in one piece," Porzak said. "It was really unique. It was remarkable. It was great to do something that I'd been dreaming about for (so) long, I feel really happy to get it done."

#Boulder skier makes historic descent of First Flatiron. via @TimesCall