$420K grant to help Boulder County’s moms breastfeed at work

For the next three years, Boulder County will get $140,000 a year to help its businesses become "brestfeeding-friendly," reports the Daily Camera. Half of the money will be used to give businesses incentives to create "safe lactation spaces," and equip them.

Not many businesses have lactation spaces, according to Boulder County Public Health's Sarah Scully. Despite that, Boulder has met national goals for breastfeeding rates. So with the grant, the city hopes help lower-income moms breastfeed.

Boulder's Wilderness Early Learning Center created a lactation space in fall 2014 and Program Director Amanda Naylor says many have used the space.

However, she noted the center had never received complaints before it had such a space.

"I think parents are just used to managing with what they have," she said.