Rules for Repainting Pueblo Levee Mural Under Discussion

· Apr. 15, 2015, 5:19 pm
The mural along the Arkansas River in Pueblo. (file photo) Shanna Lewis / 91.5 KRCC
The mural along the Arkansas River in Pueblo. (file photo)

Repair work on the Arkansas River levee in Pueblo is destroying the world’s largest mural. KRCC's Shanna Lewis reports on the discussion about repainting it.

The Pueblo Conservancy District board oversees the levee. It’s preparing guidelines to cover design, approval, and maintenance for new artwork. They got mixed comments from the couple of dozen people at a public meeting last night.

"I believe this is a dialogue and it’s an open dialogue," said local artist Cynthia Ramu, who coordinates the levee mural for the conservancy district. Ramu was disappointed in the turnout.  "Maybe there weren’t as many artists here tonight because they felt like they might not have a voice, and you know I think it’s an opportunity for them to have a voice."

The district is weighing how to regulate artistic expression, and expects to have guidelines in place within 90 days.

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