Taxpayers may get the chance to give up their TABOR refund

(Photo: CPR/Megan Verlee)

A bill that would let taxpayers voluntarily give their TABOR refunds back to the state has its first hearing Thursday.

Under a newly introduced bill, Colorado residents would see a new line on their tax forms, asking if they want to return some or all of that refund to the state. Tax returns would also include an estimate of how large a TABOR refund taxpayers are likely to receive.

Rep. Lois Court, D-Denver, says she’d like to ask voters to let the state keep the entire TABOR surplus, but that’s a much bigger conversation.

"This is an interim step, to get a feel and to let people have this opportunity," she said.

The bill letting taxpayers return their TABOR refunds has some bipartisan support in the House, but not so far in the state Senate.