Esme Patterson Performs At OpenAir In The Midst of U.S. Tour

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Photo: Esme Patterson at OpenAir
Esme Patterson

Esme Patterson, no stranger to the CPR Performance Studio, returned for an OpenAir session last week. The singer-songwriter was in the midst of a U.S. tour with William Elliott Whitmore that included two Colorado concerts.

Patterson, who has relocated from Denver to Portland, Ore., since her last visit, recently released an expanded edition of last year's "Woman to Woman" featuring bonus "response" songs in line with the album's theme.

She performed four stripped-down songs from that record last, including the new song "Wildflower," a response to Bob Dylan's "To Ramona."

Additionally, she spoke with OpenAir's Alisha Sweeney about her recent move, embracing a more rock-oriented sound and the details of her forthcoming album, which she plans to release later this year.

Click the audio link above to stream the session.

Songs performed:

  • "Never Chase a Man"
  • "Tumbleweed"
  • "Bluebird"
  • "Wildflower"