Colorado Mayor In Waterless Town: ‘It’s Not Particularly Easy’

What it's like to live in a town without water:

The tiny town of Iliff, in far northeastern Colorado, has been without water since May 31 when -- somewhat ironically -- flooding ruptured a water main underneath the South Platte River.

Life since then has been an inconvenience for some, and downright impossible for others. Some elderly residents have moved in with relatives outside of town, Mayor Julie Dunlap told Eqsuire:

They managed to get through the first few days and then it just became too much, the hauling of the water and not being able to do dishes and laundry. People are having to drive at least 12 miles one way for showering and laundry. That starts to put a stress and strain on the budget for gas.

The water should be running again by late next week. In the meantime, Dunlap says, "It's not particularly easy, but we're in pretty good shape for the shape we're in."