Boulder City Council May Ask Voters For Pay Increase

(Photo: iStockphoto)
<p>Bioscience firm Amgen is shutting down its facilities in Boulder, seen here, and neighboring Longmont.</p>

Boulder City Council members may ask voters for a pay raise this November because of long hours.

Currently the City Council members earn $207 per meeting for up to 52 meetings a year, with the maximum pay topping out at $10,760.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports some council members and community members hope that raising the level of compensation will make the position more attractive to a wider cross-section of the community.

A number of council members have day jobs as lawyers, scientists, directors of non-profits and small business owners, but others are retired and have less income.

One proposal being studied would raise the per-meeting compensation to $425 per meeting, with maximum compensation of $22,100.