Stanley Hotel In Estes Park Unveils Hedge Maze Inspired By ‘The Shining’

(Photo: Courtesy of the Stanley Hotel)
<p>The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park</p>

Last Thursday, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park got a little bit spookier.

The 106-year-old hotel, which inspired Stephen King’s 1977 horror novel “The Shining,” unveiled a 10,000-square-foot hedge maze that's free and open to the public.

The 820 juniper bushes currently stand only a foot tall. But John Cullen, owner of the Grand Heritage Hotel Group which purchased the Stanley in 1995, assured the Estes Park Trail Gazette the hedges will mature.

“These will grow up with us and in about five years, they will be five to six feet in height,” Cullen said. “We will be sending search parties out for little ones.”

Last winter, the Stanley held a contest seeking designs for the maze. A panel of seven judges selected Mairim Dallaryan of New York out of 329 submissions from 40 different states as well as from countries all over the world -- including Brazil, the United Kingdom and Iceland.

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