Resolution Provides City Funding for Watershed Planning

· Jul. 29, 2015, 4:34 pm

The city of Colorado Springs is continuing steps in smoothing over a contentious stormwater issue with its southern neighbor.  City Council yesterday passed a resolution allowing Mayor John Suthers to put $150,000 toward funding a restoration master plan for the Monument Creek Watershed.  Monument Creek flows into Fountain Creek.  High flows there have been causing problems for Pueblo downstream.

Pueblo City Council President Steve Nawrocki says he's been working with Mayor Suthers to address the chronic issue, adding that he's satisfied with the efforts thus far.

"It was great news for us," said Nawrocki, referencing Tuesday's vote.  "And we trusted that that was going to take place and they have followed through with it."

Nawrocki says there's a joint meeting planned between the Pueblo and Colorado Springs City Councils next month in which they will address how to move forward on stormwater issues.

The resolution is part of a larger package pooling funds from other sources to match a state grant of $300,000.  

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