Shelf Road Climbing Area Amenities Under Review

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More campsites, restrooms, and parking areas could come to the Shelf Road Climbing Area near Canon City under a new proposal. 

The Bureau of Land Management estimates the area sees 42,000 more visitors yearly than when the two campgrounds were originally constructed in the mid-90's.

The BLM's Kalem Lenard says they've been receiving complaints about not enough facilities. He also says lack of parking space is becoming an issue.

"You show up there on a weekend and cars are, especially in the winter time, you know cars are just parked everywhere and it’s starting to have an impact on the vegetation and stuff like that."

The Bureau is asking for public comments on its proposal that would add 10-15 sites to each campground in addition to more restrooms and day-use parking.

The comment period runs through mid-August.

Comments regarding the proposal may be emailed to [email protected] with 'Shelf Road Campgrounds' as the subject.