Colorado’s First “Weedery” Includes Space That Could Be For Smoking

Denver's first "weedery" -- which is obviously a combination marijuana grow/performance space/restaurant/rooftop bar/gift shop/dispensary -- is set to open early in 2016, reports the New York Times.

Christian Hageseth, the man behind Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater, says the $35 million venture is good business, but also has social justice reasons behind it.

"We incarcerate more people in the United States than any country in the history of the world; we’ve turned it into a for-profit industry where people of color are doing time for drugs," he told the Times.

But amid all the planned amenities, Hageseth can't promise future customers that they can smoke at his place-- that's not legal just yet. Marijuana activists are pushing for a November ballot measure that would legalize pot use in some businesses.