Denver Police To Wear Body Cameras At Off-Duty Jobs

<p>(Rachel Estabrook/CPR News)</p>
<p>Pueblo Police Officer Matt Van Leeuwen wears his body camera on the buttons of his uniform shirt.</p>

The Denver Police Department will soon require officers working off duty at liquor stores, bars and other businesses to wear body cameras.

The Denver Post reports that Chief Robert White said Tuesday at a city budget hearing that any officer who is assigned a body camera as part of their regular duty will also be required to wear them when they work off-duty jobs.

Earlier this month, the department released a draft policy that did not require off-duty officers to wear cameras. The policy triggered criticism from civil rights groups and the City Council questioned the decision in hearings.

Officers working off-duty assignments are paid by the business they are working for, but wear their uniforms, use department-issued equipment and are bound by department rules.