Dan Bejar Of Destroyer On Emulating Sinatra And Incorporating Props Into Live Shows

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Photo: Dan Bejar of Destroyer
Dan Bejar of Destroyer performs in Denver on Oct. 13.

Dan Bejar of Destroyer is regarded as one of the most lyrically evocative artists in indie rock today. He’s made music for 20 years, including work with The New Pornographers and Swan Lake.

He released “Poison Season,” the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Destroyer album “Kaputt,” earlier this year. He took inspiration from early American pop music and singers like Frank Sinatra.

The new single "Times Square" showcases Bejar's new direction.

"I liked basically the arrangements of that era," Bejar said of Sinatra's recordings. "I also think fidelity-wise, that's probably about as good as American records have sounded. That seemed like a sound to chase after."

Bejar adopted Sinatra's famously laid-back singing style for "Poison Season." This marked a major shift from previous Destroyer albums. The Canadian singer-songwriter used his unique nasal voice in new ways while recording the new album.

"I was singing in a more measured, crooner way," he said. "It's not just me barking things out and gobbling up a lyric sheet."

Sinatra was one of the world famous "Rat Pack" singers who popularized the crooner style with songs like "April in Paris."

Destroyer will perform at Denver's Bluebird Theater on Oct. 13. Bejar last performed in Denver in 2013 with a solo acoustic show. He'll bring a full band with him this time.

"It frees me up to focus more on the singing," he said.

Previously Bejar has incorporated lyric sheets into his live shows to stage them as a sort of "public address." Though he's unsure what these shows might hold in store in the props department.

"I like props," he said. "I always dabble in the idea of getting a cane. Maybe I'll pick something up on the road."

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