In Carbondale, They’re Tired Of The Stray Cat Blues

Officials in Carbondale have passed a measure that encourages residents to vaccinate, spay, neuter and license their cats, although it stops short requiring those steps.

The Post Independent reports that the Carbondale Board of Trustees has been debating for months about how to rein in stray cats, but it voted down a stricter ordinance that would require vaccinating, spaying or neutering and licensing all cats.

Town Manager Jay Harrington says encouraging, but not requiring, those steps is less expensive and already accounted for in the town's draft 2016 budget. That budget would give the new program $5,000, with $1,000 going toward space in the Red Hill Animal Health Center.

Harrington says the ordinance also expands the town's definition of "nuisance cat" and clarifies penalties for having such an animal.